We specialize in language services and translations
to and from all the languages of the world

The agency was founded in 2011 by a team of managers and professionals from business consulting. We have been working togetherfor 20 years and share professional and personal values.

We are able to meet any requirement regarding foreign language relations.

We employ native speakers in the target language and specialize in language services in the areas Business & Corporate, IT, Legal, Logistic, SAP and Technical.

The use of industry professionals allows us to offer our customers excellent quality standards.

Areas of Specialization



Business & Corporate

We have a background in business consulting and are able to interpret any corporate document: correspondence, plans, presentations, processes and procedures.


Information Technology

We provide language services including Localization for all IT-related requirements (manuals, guides, procedures, websites and web portals). Translations in the fields software, audio, video, interactive content and e-learning complete the range of services offered.



We use the se63, SSL and XL_MASTER interfaces to translate online and applications such as SNP DRAGOMAN to translate offline. The extensive functional and technical knowledge of the SAP platform allows us to translate short and long texts, elements of program interfaces, developer notes, forms, standard S010 texts, specifications, technical and training documentation, respecting the terminology.



Due to our many years of experience in the field of Supply Chain Management, we carry out translations for the entire supply chain from customer inquiry to the delivery of the goods. Our focus: multimodal transport and the related logistics platforms.



We cover the entire technical area. Especially in the sectors of electrical, industrial and mechanical engineering, the documents we translate range from invitations to tender, reports, price lists, catalogues to technical specifications. We also translate complex application instructions for manufacturing processes and systems (manufacturing).



We specialize in translations of: contracts, technical expertise, trademarks and patents in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry, electronics, Food, high-tech, mechanical and industrial engineering, medical devices and Pharma.


Our services



We translate texts of any format and type in all languages into all languages, Our translations are
always localized, i. e. they follow the process of linguistic, stylistic and layout adaptation
to the country for which they are intended.


Editing and/or Revision

Our editing services include the terminological, linguistic and stylistic verification of the target
text, in order to correctly transmit the content of the source document to the user it is
intended for. The revision is aimed at providing perfect translations under the
orthographic, grammatical and syntactic aspect.


Desktop Publishing

We possess all the hardware & software tools to manage texts and images. Our employees have the skills and experience to process documents of any type and format.



Our IT background allows us to offer a 360 degree service. We translate and localize interfaces for sites, portals, mobile devices, desktops, servers and browsers. This process ranges from the execution of linguistic, functional and usability testing to the validation of data and contents. We also use automated software.


Transcription and Subtitling

A dedicated team of experienced linguists take care of the transcription of text, audio and video files in the most common formats for recording at events, congresses, university lectures, administrative boards, interviews, telephone calls and seminars. 
With our specialized translators we provide subtitling services in all language combinations for audiovisual media such as films, TV programs, company presentations, reviews, convention 
materials and video conferencing.


Our method

1.  Customer Request

3. Turnkey Offer

5. Translation By A Spezialized Native Speaker

7. Revision (Spelling, Grammar And Syntax)

9. Final Verification With Software

2. Document Analysis By The Project Manager

4. Glossary And Style Guide

6. Editing (Terminology And Correct Translation)

8. Layout And Formatting

10. Delivery Of The Translation

Projects carried out

Our customers